Tips - How to take care of your baby during summertime?

Tips - How to take care of your baby during summertime?

Babies can have a hard time dealing with the heat and hot weather during summer time. Here are some few tips that help babies deal with those temperature and cool down parents : 

1. Keep them cool
During the hot days of summer, keep your baby's room cool. Use fans and air conditioners to help circulate the air throughout the house. If possible, open windows and doors to allow fresh air to enter the home but the N°1 rule is to keep the room under 22°C, so baby can keep a soft and fresh space.

2. Provide shade
If you have a porch or patio outside, use it! Shade your baby's room with awnings, umbrellas, or even just a few strategically placed chairs. You can also place a fan near the window to create a breeze.

3. Hydrate them
Keep your baby well-hydrated by providing plenty of water. This is really important. A good rule of thumb is to provide two cups of water per pound of body weight. Always have fresh water near you and you can also use a fresh water spray to use occasionally on baby's face and body when the outside temperature and air is really hot. 

4. Feed them
Feed your baby regularly throughout the day. Make sure they get enough food, especially if they're teething. Babies emotions can be stronger when the weather is hot, don't cumulate with hungry baby feeling, are you will really spend a bad day. 

5. Sleep them well
Make sure your baby gets plenty of rest. Try not to wake them up during the night unless they're sick. Babies tend to be even more tired during high temperatures.

We have gave you the 5 more basics tips to handle hot temperatures for your baby. 
Usually babies love to be naked foot during hot weather, but stay alert because foot is where a baby can catch an easy flue at any time. So make sure to take care of him. 
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