The Stages of children's feet development. 

Children are different and do not all grow up the same way. Baby's feet often grow suddenly, sometimes up to 15 mm within 6 months
It is therefore essential to monitor their growth and measure their feet regularly. 

We highly recommend that you check the size of your children's feet every 2 months until they are 2 years old. 

These are important information for your baby, in particular for the most excited moment of their first steps. Baby shoes and slippers must be perfectly adapted to their fragile little feet. 

Children between 0 and 2 years old learning how to walk must wear soft, flexible and comfortable baby shoes. It can be slippers, of course our baby crochet sneakers or alternatively first steps baby shoes without arch. 
Indeed, an hard sole is bad for baby and would prevent the foot from moving properly, and could make its muscles passive or even compromised. 
Real solid shoes are to be banned for children under 1 year old. 

From birth to around 2 years old, little feet are malleable. It is absolutely normal for baby to have what is called a fatty pad under the arch of the foot. 

Children of this age feel a lot with their feet and therefore, it is important that the baby feels different types of floors, gets massage and touches their own feet. 
The foot muscles must be able to develop properly that why we advise you to let baby move around with our perfectly adapted baby crochet sneakers or barefoot.

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The 2 sizes are especially created to fit all babies during their first year. 
Flexible, ultra soft, washable and super comfy with real laces, these are the perfect shoes you will ever find for your baby, with both style and comfort. 


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